Chicago attic insulation and spray foam insulation

We are known as the Greater Chicago Areas Best Provider of Spray Foam, Celluose, and Attic Insulation

Warm air always seeks to move to the colder side of a surface. Insulation prevents warm air from conducting through walls and ceilings to the colder side of the walls and ceilings. So it helps keep warm air from conducting out of your home in the winter and into your home in the summer.

However, most types of insulation do not prevent warm and cold air from leaking in and out of holes in the attic floor and basement around plumbing pipes, conduit, electrical boxes, cable wiring, vents, recessed lighting, wall joists and access panels. Therefore, most types of insulation should never be installed without first air sealing the leaks.

Green Energy Improvement has the experience and expertise to properly seal the air leaks and install the type of insulation best suited for your home’s needs. For a detailed list of insulation characteristics, please see

REBATES: Green Energy Improvement is qualified to offer rebates through The Peoples Gas Home Energy Rebate Program and North Shore Gas Natural Gas Savings Rebate Program and Nicor Gas/ComEd Home Energy Savings Program 

ON-BILL FINANCING: Green Energy Improvement is able to offer on-bill financing to qualified Nicor customers. NOTE: This is a limited time offer, while funding is available.

OTHER FINANCING: Additional financing options are also available.

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