Greater Chicago Area Home Energy Assessments

energy assessment
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A professional energy assessment (audit) provides an analysis of the safety and efficiency of your home’s airflow and heating/cooling systems. Undiagnosed air leaks, inadequate insulation, improper ventilation, faulty combustion appliances and leaky gas pipes not only waste energy and money, but can also cause health and safety problems.

Therefore, a professional energy assessment should be part of every homeowner’s building maintenance and should be repeated whenever major improvements are made (such as room additions, attic/basement remodeling, multiple new windows) to ensure the house maintains proper ventilation and air sealing.

energy audit
Chicago area Green Energy Improvement offers two levels of energy evaluations/assessments to meet your home’s needs, as well as zonal testing and duct leakage testing. For most homes, a home performance evaluation provides ample information to determine recommendations for improving your home’s comfort, safety and energy efficiency. An energy assessment (including a blower door test-in/test-out and diagnostic safety testing of all combustion appliances) will be done at no additional charge when the air sealing and insulation work is performed. If the cause of uneven heat distribution cannot be determined through these tests, zonal and duct leakage tests may be suggested. Though customers are under no obligation to proceed with the recommended work, those who do save an average 20% of heating and cooling costs according to EPA estimates.

Home Performance Evaluation

Energy Assessment (audit)

Additional Testing

Homes for which this type of assessment is recommended

Homes with exposed insulation in accessible attic. Homes without attics or exposed insulation. Homes where program funding requires standard energy assessment. Homes scheduled for air sealing and insulation installation. Homes whose cause of uneven heat distribution cannot be determined through other methods.

Approximate time required(varies with size of home)

30 minutes

1-2 hours

1-2 additional hours

Inspect exterior for signs of leaks and water damage


Inspect attic insulation and compare to Dept. of Energy recommended values


Inspect attic for air leaks


Inspect basement/crawl space insulation


Inspect basement/crawl space for air leaks


Inspect walls and ceilings for air leaks with diagnostic testing equipment


Evaluate windows


Perform blower door test to calculateair flow and pinpoint air leaks


Perform diagnostic safety tests onnatural gas appliances, flues and gas pipes for gas leakage, CO and efficiency



Analyze variations in roomtemperature with zonal testing


Analyze duct leakage and air flowproblems with duct leakage tester


Assessment report of findings,recommendations and options

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